Сenter on Kutuzovsky Avenue

Kutuzovsky Avenue, 36\5

The new center on Kutuzovsky Avenue welcomes guests! Running proudly with 1800 sq. meters in the prestigious district of Moscow are 14 halls, designed in a modern-minimalistic style. The perfect location for creative workshops to dedicated fans of their trade.

Renting a hall with a unique design will allow you to take a fresh look at your choice of venue for seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences, and dance events.

All studios are equipped with modern sound systems, climate control to provide comfortable temperature, and perfect floors of high-quality laminate.

Also at the service of our guests are spacious dressing rooms with showers and individual lockers – everything here was created with care for you!

Hall №101

Area – 130 sq. meters. Occupancy – 90 people.

Hall №201

Area – 60 sq. meters. Occupancy – 50 people.

Hall №203

Area – 65 sq. meters. Occupancy – 55 people.

Hall №402

Area – 120 sq. meters. Occupancy – 90 people.